Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Wallet Can't Take Much Mooorrre

I'll drink a good Scottish beer any day. 60 Schilling, 90 Schilling, Wee Heavy, I like 'em all. Some people get too much of a 'band-aid" flavor, but I don't really have a problem with that. Ok, the Scotch Ale at Kelly's Brewpub on Central tastes like something Johnson and Johnson concocted but other than that, I'm good. Oh, and I didn't agree with the guy I talked to at a bar one night who held up a Belhaven Scottish Ale and said, "You see this beer?" Yeah. "Well, this is the best beer in the world! You know why???" Because it is on special tonight? "Because its Scottish!!!" Great, one of those guys who still goes around talking like a Scottish person. That never gets old. Whatever blows your kilt up, buddy.

Well we have a new beer from Scotland here in town: Brew Dog Brewing's Punk IPA. Punk IPA? That's right! Just put on your old Anarchy t-shirt, pop in a Circle Jerks cassette and start drinking!

But wait...this beer may say punk, but the price says yuppie: $11.50 for a 22 oz. bottle! And this is no high gravity beer, either, as it is only 6%. I can't do it. I can't let myself pay those prices for a beer. If someone wants to donate one to me, I'll take it. Or if I want to really be punk, I'll sneak one into my studded leather jacket while the clerks aren't watching.
Chumbawumba would be proud.

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Unknown said...

sounds like you may be scottisch yourself, you cheap, "punk", ole beer fart you!

since when has a price tag stopped you from exploring new, exotic import beers from Europe. Granted, this beer may not have derived from an old, scottish Knights Templar recipe, but the rebellious title does invoke pallate curiousity doesn't it? indeed.

i can sympathize somewhat with the sticker shock, but i'm certain kelly's brew pub has ample dishes in need of cleaning that would certainly contribute to a free, or discounted glass in exchange for services rendered.

in the spirit of the old classic clint eastwood, Dirty Harry movies, "you've got ask yourself one thing, do i feel lucky, Punk?!"