Monday, October 13, 2008

Cool: Fat Tire Available in Cans; Uncool: Still Tastes Like Fat Tire

The "craft beer in cans" trend has reached New Belgium Brewing, who have released Fat Tire in 12-pack cans to the Albuquerque area. The cans were introduced earlier this year in Colorado, but have taken months to make it to Albuquerque. This means that the Summer outdoor enthusiasts like the backpackers and Elephant Butte visitors missed out on the lighter weight cans. Actually, all the Elephant Butte crowd needs is a case of Tecate and something to clear up the rash from swimming in a lake that all children from New Mexico (and some from old) have peed in.
The skiing season is coming up soon, so the cans might be attractive to the snowboarders. The cans would even make a nice surprise for those trick or treaters without the added weight of a bottle.

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