Friday, October 3, 2008

New Beer This Week

We get all of the regular lineup of beers that Deschutes Brewery, of Bend Oregon, produces. In fact, they get such good distribution that they keep a regular space on shelves at Albertsons and Smiths.

They also make a series of special release big beers that never made their way to Albuquerque until this week. Black Butte XX, part of their 20th Anniversary series, is available at Jubilation Wine and Spirits. This beer is an imperial porter that may be the heftiest abv porter I have ever seen: 11%! The beer is brewed with Theo's chocolate of Seattle, dry hopped with 100 lbs. of Bend's Bellatazza’s coffee beans and aged in bourbon oak barrels from Stranahan's in Colorado.

The beer was released in June so it has taken a while to reach us. Fine with me, since the additional months of aging in the bottle can only enhance the flavor. Of course, a beer this big comes with a big price tag: $9.99 for a 22 oz. bottle. Buy yourself an early Christmas present!

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Unknown said...

Harvest sucks, I tried it this past Sunday and was very disappointed. I have a BlackButeXX in the fridge and am very excited to drink this one. And I was about to buy the Fullsail special Sunday when I saw it and now wish I would have, seeing as how the Harvest was such a let down. I am excited to get the low down on your trip and my beer. Lets get together for a drink.