Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Upcoming Cask Fest

Marble is once again hosting a cask-conditioned beer fest, this one happening on Saturday, December 13. I went to the one earlier this year and it was blazing hot outside, not really the weather conducive to enjoy cask beer, which is served closer to room temperature than your typical draft beer. December weather seems better suited for an event like this.
The event costs $20, which gets you a taste of all ten casks and a pint of your favorite- you know, the same formula used for every New Mexico beer event. My advice: get there early! The previous event got packed and beers were gone way too quick. I think the pint I settled on was my third choice because the other two were gone already. Another reason to show up early is because the crowd inside may be worse than the last time because less people will be willing to hang outside because of the cold. Be prepared for lines, big guys not moving their bellies an inch to let you get through, but great beers! One of a kind Beers! Casks will be tapped at 2 pm.

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