Monday, December 22, 2008

What's on Your Christmas Menu?

No, no, I don't care if you are eating roast beef, ham, or turkey. The only important choice is what to drink on Christmas Eve and day.

Albuquerque stores offer a variety that'll keep your yule log burning all through the holiday season. There is the old standby, Anchor's Our Special Ale, though it is overpriced at $11 a sixer, when the beer is only 5.5%. For some reason I keep buying it, both the six-pack and the magnum bottle. You could go with something a little bigger, like Mikkeller's Santa's Little Helper, an 11% Belgian Strong Ale brewed with cocoa powder. Sounds pretty good, but the Helper's $12 price tag per 750 ml has kept my purchases to $8 six-packs of cheer, like Deschutes Jubelale or Avery Old Jubilation. Anderson Valley's Winter Solstice has hit the shelves recently, along with Rogue's Santa's Private Reserve. Rounding out the worthy this season are Odell Isolation and Great Divide Hibernation.

I almost forgot those beers that people buy just because of the name, those Cost Plus favorites: Bad Elf, Very Bad Elf, Super Bad Elf...

Fat Tire six packs have snowflakes on them now, so I guess that makes it a choice for holiday beer...

I'm not sure what we will be drinking yet, but I'll keep you posted.

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