Monday, December 29, 2008

Here We Go Again!

Sure, Albuquerque will become a great beer city, but to get an accurate yardstick of what a great beer city is, we occasionally have to travel to see what is going on in other cities.

So we are in Philadelphia, the city that Philly beer writer boldly proclaims "The Best Beer City in the US". The trip started off in a bad way at the ABQ Sunport. Usually we will jump out of the cab, give the Skycap a few bucks for our checked bags and get to our plane. However, the line JUST for the Skycap was 200 people long, with an even longer line inside! We re-created the OJ Simpson Hertz commercial and ran through the A Concourse, barely making our flight but getting stuck with shitty seats. Damn Southwest Airlines and their "pick your own seat". I vowed never to fly that airline years ago but it had been so long that I forgot how much I hated unassigned seating. The kid SCREAMING behind me was a good reminder. She went on for the majority of the flight, to the point where I was sitting with my head in my hands, pressing my earphones as tight as I could towards my eardrums. Sometimes I had to use only one hand though, as the breath of the guy next to me forced me to hold my nose at times.

After a quick layover in Chicago, we made it to Philly. We are staying near the airport at the Extended Stay Deluxe, which is nice because it has a couch, oven, microwave, and a refrigerator! Knowing this, we made Frontier Saloon in Folsom the first beer stop of the trip. We could buy all the beer we want and have it cold in our very own hotel fridge.

We had to restrain from buying more than what you see in the picture; there is much to try, and patience and pacing is key here. Having gone through the beers thus far, I'd have to say the Rogue Yellow Snow IPA is the best thus far. Maybe the beer will hit Albuquerque some day, but for now, I'm glad to be enjoying it here at our hotel, eve though it seems the front desk person has invited all her friends for a party in one of the rooms, complete with a girl running through the lobby from the 30 degree outdoors, wearing only a bikini and snow boots.

Tomorrow we will venture away from "Winter Break at the Extended Stay" and I will have more for you!

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p diddy said...

Finally - Yellow Snow IPA has hit ABQ - I picked up a few from Jubilation the other night. Nothing felt better in the hot tub than an ice cold Rogue in the cold night air (OK, maybe several things could have felt better in the hot tub, but there was no one there to help, so beer it is!)