Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fairest of Them All? Not in Price!

The best of the Deschutes beer releases comes from their "Bond Street" series, which includes Hop Henge DIPA, Black Butte XX Imperial Porter, and The Abyss, which all were distributed for the first time in Albuquerque this past year. Mirror Mirror is the last of the Bond Street beers to make an appearance here, and with much hype surrounding it. It is an adult version of their popular Mirror Pond Pale Ale, meaning that the recipe has been amped from a 5% yawner up to the point that this is a barleywine, and 11% abv to boot. Sneak this into an Isotopes game for a nice Summer sipper! Mirror Mirror is priced like a big beer, at $11.99 a bomber. Ouch. This hobby is getting too damn expensive for me. I'm gonna start collecting toothpicks. I haven't tried the beer yet, but will probably drink one soon and age another for a few years. Either that or I will put it on display next to the Hope Diamond. I should have aged the Black Butte XX I had, but was too eager and drank it young. That's ok, I have a friend who has one and know exactly where in the fridge it lays waiting for me...don't leave the house! Don't even sleep, cause I'm coming for it!

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