Monday, June 15, 2009

Our New Beer Hotspot- Albertsons???

Well, maybe in a pinch, but they certainly have stepped things up, at least at the Candelaria and Eubank location. Though surrounded by the looming stacks of Budweiser and Coors Light, craft beer still shines through on shelves in the Albertsons liquor department. Stone IPA, Sam Adams Imperial Stout and Imperial White, Big Sky and Left Hand mixed 12-packs (and the Left Hand includes Milk Stout, which was unavailable here for the last couple of years), and a small selection of bombers. The bombers are quality, though, with Arrogant Bastard, Juju Ginger, Widmer's Double Alt, and Unibroue's Maudite. So while this may be a baby step towards what our speciality liquor stores carry, it is still a step above the choices most supermarkets carry, and much better than what liquor stores in Mississippi carry!


Jason said...

If you're ever in the east mountains, check out the Triangle Grocery... they have an awesome beer and wine selection, which I certainly didn't expect.

And I'm just down the street from that Albertson's...tempting.

Unknown said...

I am happy to see that distribution is moving on up in New Mexico. Maybe soon we may see more craft micro brews in our state. At least before I leave this state. Oh and no that is not a Jefferson's tune up there, it just seemed to fit. Oh and expect a large turn out this fourth. LOL!!!!!!!

MrsMcGilicutty said...

Albertsons does have quite a selection and i live right by that one. Just the other day I was mentioning to a friend that I was impressed by their beer wall. Unfortunately, I will be moving to a different part of town next month so I will have to find a new beer store. Boo:(