Sunday, June 21, 2009

They Must Have Read my Last Post

And gotten scared of the competition from Albertsons, because Jubilation has expanded with a new, Albertsons-sized beer cooler. The assortment of beers in the cooler is reminiscent of a supermarket's selection as well. The door coolers along the south wall still hold the beer geekish varieties of 22s and six-packs, but the new open cooler has more of the everyday sixers, and a lot more 12-packs than they used to carry. Of course, I'd like to see nothing but craft beer on every wall, but this is a sound business decision. More people are buying the Corona, Stella and Bud brands than anything else. And Jubilation is not getting rid of all the beers we love; in fact, the huge new cooler makes room for more crafts in the doors...though I do wish they would get rid of the Great Divide Hercules that was bottled in November 2008. Don't buy that unless you want a DIPA with all the hop flavor faded to nothing.

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wanrey said...

Was hassled by the "Maloof Girls" when they first debuted the cooler. Was promised a koozie if I bought some subpar beer. Figured I'd be better off with the Modus and no koozie. It is a good business move for them tho, too bad it's biz with the Maloofs tho.