Sunday, July 19, 2009

Oh, The Humanity!

This just in, from an undisclosed source (that would be Deadbolt Dave Bradley, Marble mainstay. Go to Marble, look for a long-haired guy in a tie-dyed shirt working the crowd. That's Dave). Apparently, the source tells me, Marble's fermenter blew this weekend, spilling 837 GALLONS of precious IPA across the brewery floor! While this is indeed a tragedy for the brewery, I know your first thought is, "What does that mean for me? Will I still be able to get my IPA???" At least that was my first thought. Your second thought is probably, "What does the picture have to do with Marble's fermenter?". Look, it's spilled beer. It's the closest thing I could come up with! I think it won't be long until we see a shortage of this popular beer in the area. Marble was already brewing at capacity just to keep up with the demand. This lost batch was in the fermenter, meaning it was the next to be bottled/kegged, so there will be a noticeable delay until the next batch is ready. I'm seeing visions of the old USSR, where people waited in line for hours to get rations of moldy bread. Remember the other local breweries make fantastic alternatives in the meantime, and let's hope Marble recovers soon.

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whochacha said...

i guess i should consider myself lucky to be too broke to buy any anyhow. haha