Tuesday, November 23, 2010

99 Barrels of Beer on the Wall

While Marble may not have that many barrel-aged beers sitting in their brewery, they do have an impressive stash. And in the past week they have started tapping these rarities as part of the Archive Release series. They started with a keg of their Reserve, which didn't stand a chance of staying full long. The 2009 Winter Warmer disappeared soon after, and there may still be a chance you can get some of the Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout that was put on tap on Sunday. With only one or two kegs of each of these styles, it is a real game of chance as to whether you are going to be able to try all of the releases. That's why I suggest camping out overnight on Marble's patio. I've see a pile of rags in the corner of the patio that may be some hippies who set up camp, waiting for the Squash Blossom Boys to perform when Marble brings back live music in the spring. If you don't have the fortitude to make a temporary home at Marble, don't lose hope: the beers are only served in 13 oz. glasses, meaning there are a possible 153 pours from an Archive Release. What will be the next beer tapped? What am I, the Amazing Kreskin? Could be a Barleywine, could be a Quad. I doubt it will be a Barrel-Aged Raspberry Wheat. Whatever is on tap is sure to make you happy.

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