Friday, November 5, 2010

Kool and the Gang's Favorite is Here!

Just spotted at Kelly Liquors on Wyoming: My first sighting of 2010 Sierra Nevada Celebration! Celebration is Sierra's annual Winter release, though instead of making a spicy Winter Warmer, Sierra sticks to the good ol' American IPA style. Since it's Sierra Nevada, of course you are getting your Cascade hops, along with Chinook and Centennial. 65 IBS and 6.8% ABV may not make this a Winter Warmer in style, but you'll be feeling pretty warm after a few. The beer holds up surprisingly well over time, I've found. At Mel Pearson's Christmas tasting last year, I thought the 2008 was drinking better than the 2009. But you should definitely try it fresh. The price is reasonable at $7.99.

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HopHed said...

Hey, Geek! Just picked this up last night at Whole Foods on Carlisle for $6.99.