Friday, November 12, 2010

Beer: It's What's for Dinner

When the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra throws a fundraising dinner, they know better than to call on the cheapo wine snobs!
Gather your pennies and reserve your seat for Saturday, November 20, when O'Niell's Pub in Nob Hill will host a dinner to benefit our New Mexico Symphony Orchestra. The $75 ticket gets you four courses of food and SIX courses of Odell beer! Celtic Tiger Salad, Lamb Stew, Sirloin Steak, and Chocolate Celebration cake will pair up with Odell favorites 90 Shilling, 5 Barrel Pale Ale, Easy Street Wheat, Cutthroat Porter, the seasonal Isolation Ale, and the new and highly anticipated Mountain Standard Reserve Double Black IPA! I'm thinking about dressing as a busboy just so I can sneak in and try some of that. Where's a good busboy uniform store in this town? The dinner begins at 6 pm, and Odell rep Ryan Bogart will be on hand to talk about the beers while you drink them. Sounds like you get the better end of that deal. Visit to purchase your ticket to this very worthy event. The Reader's Digest writer in me wants to end the story with, "A beer dinner to benefit the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra? Now that's music to my ears!", while the me in me tells the Reader's Digest writer, "Shut UP, idiot! JUST. SHUT. UP!!!" That's better.

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