Friday, December 3, 2010

Colder But Warmers

I'm already sick of the cold weather. I don't understand my friends who welcome the season of numb extremities. Give me those summer nights when you can leisurely stroll around Nob Hill, not the winter nights where you have to mummify yourself and run from bar to bar. At least we get the Winter Warmer beers to counter the dreariness of these gray skies. And what's with the no sunshine? That's one thing I always liked about living here. It could be cold, but that constant sunshine allowed you to do things outdoors. From the looks of today, I may as well be in Buffalo, NY. Only thing that's missing is dirty slush. And a pro hockey team. I blame global warming and WikiLeaks. Pictured are just a sample of the Winter Warmers you can choose from this year. Let me think...I left out Hibernation from Great Divide, Jubelale from Deschutes, and Old Jubilation from Avery. I only got this picture because most were close to each other at Kelly Liquors. I'm not walking around the store grabbing beers and setting up a damn photoshoot, especially when my phone was the only photo equipment I had. I also left out the classic British import, Samuel Smith's Winter Warmer. Classic, but also bottled in clear glass. Get that one soon, before it starts tasting like blood pudding. Ew.

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