Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Marble's Got a Present For You

No, this picture is not a screencap of the new Laverne and Shirley show. What you see is a behind the scenes look at the bottling of this year's Marble Reserve, the brewery's most limited release. This highly anticipated beer is a blend where half of the beer spent months maturing in bourbon barrels. Creator and brewer Ted Rice says the 9% beer can't really be pegged into a certain style, but describes the finished product as an amber to brown-hued brew that captures and accentuates the vanilla and oak characteristics from the barrel aging. The proud papa is personally numbering and signing each of the (only!)1956 22 oz. bottles produced. The bottles will have wax around the cap and should be on local shelves (and for sale at Marble) any day now! Expect this extremely rare treat to retail for around $12, but don't expect it to be around long!


Matt said...

For those of us devoted followers incapacitated in the near future (finals), I assume that you will at least throw us a bone by posting when you see them while trolling the local beer stores? (pretty please...)

SamVJr said...

I just got the email saying that the bottles are available now at marble, not sure about in store though