Thursday, May 12, 2011

Double the Pils for Me and My Cru

New Belgium's Lips of Faith series has two new entries on shelves this week: Abbey Grand Cru and Super Cru. The 9.5% ABV Abbey Grand Cru was available some time ago on draft a a few locations in Albuquerque and I was a much bigger fan of it than I am the regular New Belgium Abbey version. I guess that's why it's the "Grand Cru" version, or "Mo' Better" version, in Spike Lee's words. Super Cru was brewed in honor of New Belgium's 20th Anniversary, and they based this beer on much of the recipe of the one that made them successful: Fat Tire. Much bigger than Fat Tire though, at 10% ABV, and with Asian pear juice added in to give it that exotic taste of the Orient, like when you eat at Panda Express. Both under $10 at Jubilation.

Odell's Double Pilsner makes its return, meaning I have to search hard to find that dormant willpower inside myself. This beer is just too easy to drink for an 8.1% ABV beer. In fact, I could probably finish off an entire four-pack in a couple of hours without even thinking about it. I could have done this last night. I could be paying for it today. You never know. Available at Jubilation now for $9.99. Speaking of Odell, do you want to see their Myrcenary on tap in town? Me too, but bars that carry Odell on tap are hesitant because of the higher keg price. Go bug your favorite Odell-carrying establishment and tell them you want Myrcenary on tap! We are becoming a great beer city due mostly to our local breweries; it's time our local "beer bars" started ponying up for bigger draft releases!


Unknown said...
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Anna Schafer said...

I saw this version at Kelly Liquors at Mountain Run shopping center.tap handles

Elizabeth J. Neal said...

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