Monday, July 25, 2011

Cook and Tap

Cracklin'-skinned in the desert on a summer afternoon- that was me at Saturday's Cork and Tap. Why I would choose to venture out to an event at 2:30 when I could easily have waited until a cooler time in the day (Cork and Tap went till 10:30, after all) is a study in idiocy. I just get too excited and antsy knowing that there is something beer related happening without me being there. And even though I burned every shade of red in Crayola's catalog by being there early, I still made the right choice.

Getting there early meant no wait at the gate, unlike the line for people who wandered up later in the evening. It also translated into no wait for beer from area breweries, from the new (Nexus) to the resurrected (Tractor) and more. Santa Fe brought bottles of their Surf Mountain Sour, which which definitely had the sour part down but lacked in carbonation. Marble was pouring their own sour, Sephira, of which I can't imagine there being much more stashed away. You have to come out to these events, if only to be able to tell future beer geeks, "Oh, of course I've had Sephira!!" La Cumbre brought their two newest beers, the Super Pils and La Roja Grande Imperial Red. In an interesting twist, the booths for the two Albuquerque homebrew stores, Victor's Grape Arbor and Southwest Grape and Grain faced each other directly across the parking lot. With the sun blazing directly overhead, it felt like a showdown in the old west...if not for the view of the Pussycat Adult Video store sign across the street. A good time along the old Rt. 66!

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