Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Good Deed for the Day

A short while back, Kelly Liquors on Wyoming had a tremendous sale on Paulaner Pilsner cases: $14.99 each for a beer that normally retails for $9.99 just for a six-pack. A deal that is definitely worthy of telling you about, right? The thing is, I went kind of nuts and bought so many cases that only one was left in the store (didn't want to be a jerk and keep someone else from getting one). I didn't bother writing about it because I didn't want a mad frenzy over that last case ala the 1980's Cabbage Patch Kids riots. So I may have failed you then, but I'm happy to report that the stock has been replenished at that Kelly's, and still at that great price. And I left them all there for you.

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DanM said...

FYI, it is marked "Best Before 06/2011"... but I figure the Germans probably short-change the recommended lifespan a little.