Thursday, July 7, 2011

Genesee It to Believe It

I was already a little disoriented while in Quarters' Wyoming and Montgomery location last night. Since my last visit, they got rid of the stacks of cases and shelves of warm six-packs and replaced them with coolers that now hold the majority of the beers. Good for them, and good for us. I rarely would buy anything from there besides refrigerated bombers because I didn't trust the dust collector shelves. So, while admiring the new cold section, I nearly stumbled over a stack (not all the case stacks are gone) of Genesee beer. That's right- the pride of Rochester, New York is now available here for less than $18 a 30-pack. I know it's not exactly craft beer excitement I'm generating here, but I thought I'd let you know just the same in case you need a break from good beer.

Not to be confused with La Cumbre's Elevated IPA, Full Sail has released Elevation IPA, a 7.5% ABV, 80 IBU offering. Elevation offers five Cs of hop additions: Chinook, Centennial, Columbus, Cascade, and Citra. I didn't buy one because I don't really enjoy that "biscuity malt" flavor that Full Sail touts in many of their beers. Quarters has plenty of them so you can judge for yourself. Sorry, I forgot to get the price on this one but Full Sail's 22 oz. beers in this genre are usually around six bucks.

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