Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Hallmark Moment, Beer-Style

Today, August 4th, has been declared International IPA Day. The power invested in bloggers such as The Beer Wench makes it so. As it is written, so shall it be done or something along those lines. It must be official, as all "collaborative worldwide grass roots social media event(s)" are. Just repost this if you agree that having a cousin is awesome and I'll send you a color!

Sorry, got off-track as usual. I haven't looked too far into what IPA Day entails, though I keep picturing Ed Grimley as the spokesperson, "It's IPA Day I must say!" I know that's not funny, just like all those old SNL and SCTV shows aren't funny. But it's what I was thinking. I was also thinking that today might be a good day to drink an IPA. I wonder if Double IPAs count or if that's a totally separate holiday.


HopHed said...


ABQbeergeek said...

And to you as well! Got a growler of Il Vicino Exodus IPA, which I thought was fitting since it won the NM IPA Challenge last year. With 15 other breweries competing this year, I wonder if there will be a new champ this year??

HopHed said...

Looking forward to doing my own little part to crown a new champ.