Friday, August 5, 2011

A Tree Grows in Albuquerque

The second edition of Life and Limb is in area stores now. A collaboration between the Sierra Nevada and As Seen on TV! Dogfish Head breweries, Life and Limb is an American Strong Ale that is 10.2% ABV. This bottle-conditioned beer utilizes syrup from both maple and birch trees, though I wouldn't recommend smuggling any into Denny's to pour over your Grand Slam breakfast. This year's version comes in a 25.4 oz. corked and caged bottle, as opposed to last year's capped 24 oz. bottle. The beer retails at Kelly Liquors on Wyoming for $9.49, though it mistakenly scans for $14.99. Thankfully, the guy working at the time (the red-haired guy with the goatee) knows his stuff and recognized the scanning error. I hope they get the price fixed, otherwise you might have a bit of a hassle dependent upon who is working.

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SamVJr said...

I just picked some up, looks like they got the scanning error fixed but now it's $9.99.