Friday, March 9, 2012

Boo Hoo, New Beer Friday

Gonna be a great weekend! I had just gotten home from a visit to the Kelly Liquors on Wyoming, armed with the new Double Dog 25th anniversary beer from Abita. As you can see, the beer didn't like it when I tried to reach for my keys and jumped to its demise in my driveway. Abita Brewery can survive Hurricane Katrina, and I can't even carry a beer into the damn house. Anyway, for the 25th anniversary, Abita took its popular Turbodog Brown Ale and tweaked the recipe a bit adding vanilla beans in the process and upping the ABV to 7%. I can tell you that the beer smells good, and for $5.99 per 22 oz. is worth a try. Aside from Kelly's, I've seen the beer at Jubilation as well. And also my driveway.


sleestakk said...

Sorry that happened... at least it wasn't costly. Or a good beer.

ABQbeergeek said...

Haha, thanks! Not a Brown Ale fan myself but I thought some people might be interested.