Monday, March 12, 2012

Il Vicino: Giving Ladies That "Natural, Healthy" Look

If you are a female over the age of 21, I suggest you head over to Il Vicino Canteen today for the debut of Magnum PA, the beer that is strong enough for a man but made for women with mustaches. This single hop Pale Ale (Magnum hops, of course) is described by brewer Brady McKeown as having a "lingering bitterness", much like I did when BJ and the Bear was canceled. And Il Vicino is paying homage to another classic 80's show, Magnum PI, by offering Tom Selleck-like fake mustaches on a first come, first served basis. Nothing's hotter than a girl with a fake mustache, right guys? Yeah, I've never gotten that either. But if you've got one, real or fake, you will get a discounted $3.00 pint of the Magnum PA. And if you come anywhere between 5 and 6, you will get to see Brady showing off his Ferrari that is the same model used on the show!
Actually, it isn't Brady's- Il Vicino signs his checks, remember? PAY that man! He makes great beer!
Oh, and I forgot to mention that Malt Madness starts today at Il Vicino as well- for the next month, Monday through Thursday will feature head to head battles between different Il Vicino brewed styles where you pick the winner. Today's matchup is between a Belgian Strong Ale and Belgian Blonde. If the Blonde has a mustache, I'm going with the Strong Ale.

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