Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Get Your Irish On

If you promise you won't drop a shot of Jamesons, or Bushmills, or Bailey's into this, I'll tell you about a good local choice for a St. Patrick's Day beer...but who am I kidding? I'll tell you anyway. I don't care what you mix in your beer, as long as it makes you happy. And if anyone tells you that what are doing with your beer is wrong, tell them to suck it- D-Generation X style! You spend your hard-earned money on beer, so enjoy it however makes you happiest. I wouldn't suggest mixing Bailey's and lime juice, however.

Santa Fe has their new Irish Red out just in time for America's favorite holiday that pays tribute to Guinness, (and has the non-Irish company owners laughing all the way to Brazil and back). Why not give some of that aforementioned hard-earned money to an in-state brewery by trying out Santa Fe's Irish Red? At 4.5% ABV, it's a beer that you can drink all day, unless you really do decide to add in the whiskey and whatever else you desire. It's showing up all over town, but I know Jubilation and Kelly's on Wyoming have it for $7.99 a six-pack. And also keeping local, La Cumbre should have their take on the Irish Red on tap in time for that big day.

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