Monday, November 12, 2012

An Epic Beer Dinner at O'Niell's

How are you preparing for the end of the world this December? Since "You can't take it with you!", may I suggest spending $65 of that savings that will be worth nothing on a special beer dinner at O'Niell's Nob Hill location? I know, even though the world is ending, you are cheap. I get that. But listen: O'Niell's will be serving six years worth (2007-2012) of Stone Brewing Co.'s Vertical Epic Ale along with five courses of food at this dinner! Vertical Epic was first brewed in 2002, and all the versions are a slant on Belgian styles (Belgian Strong Pale Ale, Belgian IPA, Belgian Strong Dark, Pale with Sauvignon and Muscat grapes, Pale with New Mexico green chile). I'm sure the O'Niell's staff put a lot of thought into which beer would pair best with what. Here are the pairings:

Newly Released Stone Vertical Epic Ale 12.12.12
First Course
Lobster bisque with fried leek. Served with 11.11.11
Second Course
Spinach salad with apple, cranberry, feta, and candied walnuts in an Asian vinaigrette. Served with 10.10.10
Third Course
Ribs in sweet red chile glaze with sweet potato fries. Served with 09.09.09
Fourth Course:
Beef Wellington in béarnaise sauce with fresh seasonal vegetables and fingerling potatoes.
Served with 08.08.08
Fifth course
Vanilla cream puff in a chocolate drizzle. Served with 07.07.07

Unique to this dinner is the fact that all of these beers are going to be ON DRAFT. You may have some versions of Vertical Epic hiding away somewhere, but I doubt you have kegs of it! I sure don't- I only have a corny keg with some leftover homebrew from 2010. If I drink it now I'm afraid my world may end even sooner.
The dinner takes place on Monday, December 17 at 6 pm. For reservations, call 255-6782 or email

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