Thursday, November 8, 2012

Freshen Your Breath on International Stout Day

It's once again time to drink a certain style of beer because someone you don't know proclaims it to be the day to honor it. In related news, it's two weeks till we eat turkey again.

Today is International Stout day, a perfect day to pass up that dusty bottle of Left Coast 8 Ball Stout in favor of a stout with a twist- Mint Chocolate Imperial Stout, a collaboration between Stone Brewing Co., Iron Fist Brewing Co., and homebrewer Ken Schmidt. You may remember Mr. Schmidt from the Stone Macadamia Coconut Porter collaboration a few years back- a great beer, and one of the few porters I've actually enjoyed. The latest collaboration is 9.6% ABV and features Mexican cocoa and organic mint from Stone's own farm. No word on if they snuck up to Oregon and stole hops from Rogue's farm. "Natural flavors" were added to enhance the mintiness- I'm thinking a handful of Andes pocketed from a visit to Olive Garden. The Mint Chocolate can be found at Kelly's on Wyoming for $3.99 and at various other stores.

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