Friday, November 9, 2012

Coronado Tries Again

I wrote about Coronado Brewing's re-introduction to the Albuquerque market via a tap takeover, and now the bottles are hitting area shelves. We will see if a push from a different distributor makes a difference in Coronado's sales; the quality has always been there. You can see from the picture a new Coronado design- gone are the paper labels (except for some rogue bottles of Red Devil [Bird of Paradise] and Mermaid Red [Kelly's at Mountain Run]. Don't buy them. OLD.). Coronado is also using new packaging for their Idiot Double IPA, going to a 4-pack ala Green Flash. Pricing is in line with Green Flash as well, $9.99 for the Idiot 4-pack as opposed to the $15.99 for the old six-pack design. The one complaint I have about the new bottle design is there is no bottled on date like the old bottles had- or at least I couldn't find one, and I looked really hard. Jubilation is carrying the Idiot as well as the new Blue Bridge Coffee Stout, 5.4% ABV with a strong coffee presence that is selling for $3.99 per 22 oz. bottle.

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