Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Day After Repeal Day!

NOTE: I started to write this on Dec. 5, but an all day trip to the vet caused me to be late.
December 5, 1933. The date that is more important to us than any birthday or anniversary. It is the date on which the United States repealed the Volstead Act, the law that made alcoholic beverages illegal and plunged the country into its darkest days. Ever look at photos from back then? Those people don't look so hot. That's what people in dry counties look like today. So celebrate the 21st Amendment and have yourself one of these new beers!

Marble has finally bottled their DIPA! They have had the approval for the label for months, but were waiting for the new crop of hops to come out so they could do this one right. And do it right they did, as this DIPA starts off with an amazingly green nose, and then the bitterness follows sip after sip. The $6.99 price tag for a 22 oz. bottle is reasonable considering you are guaranteed a fresh beer every time you buy one.

Arguably the best annual Imperial Stout to hit Albuquerque shelves, Deschutes The Abyss has returned. It is a complex beer with an ingredient list that includes Intelligentsia coffee, molasses, and licorice. This came in a close second in our Imperial Stout challenge, and in fact is so good, I bought a case when it came out last year. This year's version has gone up a few dollars, and is now $13.99 per bomber. That may keep me out of the case club this year, but I will get my fair share. As this is a very limited release, make sure you get your share as well.

Left Hand has always made solid beers, though I never got too excited about any of their offerings. Recently, however, they have been releasing more interesting concoctions, though we weren't lucky enough to get them here. Their newest release, Fade to Black, is making the trip down I-25, and should be a big seller. The beer is a Foreign Export Stout, a style of beer that isn't well represented here. This style features a more robust overall flavor than a traditional stout, and is also higher in alcohol. The Left Hand Version is 8.5% ABV, and at $8.99 per six-pack is one of the best bargains in town. One thing Left Hand has always done right is keep their prices reasonable, and I highly recommend Fade to Black.


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