Thursday, December 31, 2009

Merry New Year!

I was sitting here contemplating this past year, ticking off the good and bad things that happened and figuring that I would be smart if I kept it only to beer related things. After all, I had a heck of a beer year. I got to take two trips to Philadelphia, one of the great beer cities in the country, home to Monk's Cafe, Standard Tap and the Foodery, which may be the best (and most expensive) seller of single bottles in the country. I also visited Boston and the 112 tap Sunset Grille. Made the journey to Munster, Indiana, of all places, for the one day release of Dark Lord Imperial Stout and it turned out to be the best party I ever went to. I got to see Chicago, from Wrigley to the architecture to the bars to the food to the liquor stores and to the bars some more. I went to the Great American Beer Festival, all four sessions in fact, and tried 187 different beers. While I couldn't even think about an IPA for about two weeks following the fest, I am still glad I was a part of it. Back home in Albuquerque, I enjoyed meeting so many of you at Hopfest, Septemberfest, and the NM IPA Challenge. Thanks for all your words of encouragement. I hope this new year brings you cases of joy and kegs of great memories!!!

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michael jamison said...

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