Sunday, December 27, 2009

No Christmas Brews Gives Me the Christmas Blues

Hello? Anyone read the previous post that has been up for days and days now? About buying me a Christmas beer?? I guess you all have been too hung up on buying presents for family and other unimportant stuff to give me a second thought. Luckily, I have my own family around to buy me beer related items. While I didn't get an actual beer, I did receive a ring that doubles as a bottle opener, a cool HTML related Hefeweizen glass, and a sweater. The sweater is beer related because I wore it the rest of the day and spilled beer on it that evening.

But those beer presents don't matter. For maybe just that one day, beer means very little. It's more the fun of watching young family members open their presents with an excitement that rarely makes it to adulthood, and knowing that their terrible teen years are coming all too soon. Or spending time talking to older family, just like I have on so many other holidays, taking for granted that they will always be there to share a hug or a handshake on Christmas. I am lucky to say I got to experience all of that this past Friday. I hope you too were surrounded by loving friends and family on Christmas. And if you are Jewish, I hope you enjoyed your Chinese food.


Bill Aimonetti said...

Ok, this is such a pathetic plea for beer that I am going to give you some beer.(I like what you do here)I will be at Marble this afternoon, 3ish to sample a few with Ted. Either come by or I will leave a Santas Little Helper with Ted for you to pick up at your leisure.

ABQbeergeek said...

Bill- wow, what a nice gesture. All that was meant to be tounge-in-cheek, but I'm certainly not going to turn down a beer! Especially a Santa's Little Helper!
I've always told people that you are my best friend. Even though we've never met, it remains true.

Bill Aimonetti said...

Cool, Enjoy & keep up the good local vibe!