Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Bargain and Oh No, Not Again

First, the good news. Jubilation has cases of Bridgeport Ropewalk Amber Ale on sale for $14.99. Cases, I say! Ropewalk regularly retails from $6.99-$7.99 a six-pack around town, so this is a stellar deal, while it lasts at least. Not sure how many cases they have, and was afraid to ask why they are selling it so cheap. I'm not the biggest Amber Ale fan ever, but I find this to be a nice beer to switch to after drinker heavier beers. Water would probably be a smarter switch, but I don't have that kind of willpower. But Ropewalk isn't a killer, at 5.6%, and is a solid beer- especially for $14.99 a case.

Oh, Sunflower Market. I tried to break off our "strictly beer" relationship back when you were ripping off the public with your Stone "sale". However, you still send me love letters every Tuesday, complete with pictures of beer to lure me in. And this latest transgression is nowhere near as bad as the one with Stone, but it is no way to win me back. You advertise Boulder Beer 22 oz. bottles as two for five dollars. That's a decent sale. Mojo and Hazed and Infused usually go for $3.50 per 22 oz...but wait- why is there a picture of Mojo RISIN' Imperial IPA in your ad? For one, that beer is usually $7.99, and two, you don't even carry that beer! This is just like what you did when you advertised the Rogue beers on sale. I knew you'd never change!


"Martini Mike" said...

Well I guess I might have to try some Bridgeport Ropewalk Amber Ale! I like a good variety in the old beer fridge. Great blog!

Solis said...

Now they have all Stone bombers "on sale" at $5.99. IPA and Pale Ale included. This is the grocery store version of a "cheap trick". And I swore I would never be the victim of one of those ever again. Hmmph.