Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'd Rather Swim in the Rio Grande

I told you about Eel River Brewery being the latest to slither into New Mexico. Some more of their beers are now available: Triple Exultation, which is not in the Triple style at all so don't be fooled- it is actually classified as an Old Ale; California Blonde, Amber Ale, IPA, and Acai Wheat. All the beers are organic. Organic and one made with the Acai berry. Beer so good for you, I'm surprised these aren't just marketed under the Whole Foods label. After all, the six-packs are all going for a Whole Foods-like $9.99 each. Nothing against the company, as I am happy to have another brewery joining the New Mexico beer portfolio. I think it is the name Eel River that turns me off a bit. I don't like to swim in rivers or lakes. Too many slimy things lurking around in the murky waters that I can't identify. I'll take a wave pool with nice clear water and a thousand kids peeing in it at the same time over a river with eels sliding up my shorts.

I know Deschutes has had their Red Chair IPA out for a good while now, but for the first time you can get it in six-pack form. This is not an over the top IPA by any means (and I love over the top IPAs almost as much as I love the Stallone classic arm wrestling movie Over The Top), not with seven different types of malt in the brew. And the hops used do not add a discernible bitterness. But having said all that, something about the 6.4% ABV beer makes it quite drinkable, and at $7.99 it is not overpriced.

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