Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sunflower Strikes Again: Serious Food, Serious Ripoffs

Ok Sunflower, I gave you the benefit of the doubt a few weeks back when your ad for Rogue beers pictured the XS Imperial Series beers, but the ones on sale were the usual 22 oz. versions. I figured someone from the ad department made an honest mistake. I forgave you, which I know must have meant a lot to you. But I'm afraid we may have to part ways after your latest transgression, which is a blatant attempt to ripoff my fellow Albuquerque residents- the same people who religiously click on my Google ads and bring me upwards of eleven dollars a year. So I feel I have a moral obligation to call you out on your latest ad featuring Stone beers: two for $10. This wouldn't be so bad, were it just the Ruination IPA on sale. After all, that one usually goes for $5.99 in most stores. But when I came to see your beer section today, I felt shocked and cheated by what you were doing. You have ALL the Stone beers listed at $6.49 regular price, and on sale at $5.00 apiece. Arrogant Bastard, IPA, and Smoked Porter regularly priced at $6.49? The same beers that cost $3.99 EVERYDAY EVERYWHERE else in Albuquerque? Ok, maybe Albertsons sells Arrogant Bastard for $4.29, but that is a far cry from what you are pulling. Trying to fool people into thinking they are getting a good deal on beer, when in fact you are scamming the same people who support your business? Well, I'm not falling for it, and neither is my reader. We are both done with you. Don't call, don't send fliers. We're DONE, I said!

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Unknown said...

right on! keep the pressure on... and shame on Sunflower!