Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just In Time for Lent

Now that Fat Tuesday has come and gone, our local distributors finally get us the best of the Abita beer lineup, Jockamo IPA. Now you KNOW I enjoy a nice raspberry wheat beer as much or more than the next guy, maybe with a little Sprite mixed in for some extra spritz, so Abita's Purple Haze is a staple in my fridge. But if an IPA is my only choice, then by gosh I will do my best to drink the whole thing. Jockamo is 6.5% ABV, with a caramel tinge, moderately other words, a good gateway IPA for those of us more in tune with the fruit beer offerings. I like that they have the best by date clearly printed on the six-pack and on the bottles. And now that this is available in Albuquerque, I guess I can finally drink the bottle of it I have- marked best by 4/12/08. Yum.

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