Sunday, July 18, 2010

Marble Sells Out!

And we are all the better for it! Marble has made a deal with Albertson's and their beers are now available at the supermarket giant's stores here in Albuquerque. Of course, the "sell out" title of this story is tongue-in-cheek, as this is nothing but good news. How many cities can you visit where you only have to go to the grocery store for some of the best brewed local beers? I've never liked that sell out thing anyway. Remember when The Shins allowed McDonald's to use "New Slang" in their commercials and dirt bags abound with rants about how their favorite band was selling out? I've always said that people who call other people out for trying to make a living off their hard work are people who are still living in their parents' basements. The only Marble beers I have seen at Albertson's so far are the IPA and Red, and at $8.99 is priced about a dollar higher than at most beer stores. Albertson's is open till 11, however, unlike all the beer stores, so you can still get your late night fix of your local favorite.

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Thank you Beer Geek for tackling this subject, as we work hard indeed. Love the blog and all that you do!