Monday, July 26, 2010

A Rogue by Any Other Name...

Don't get too excited when you see Rogue's "new" Brutal IPA in area stores. Like many of Rogue's beers (Jazz Guy = American Amber Ale, as does Sea Otter; Sharktooth Ale = Oregon Golden Ale; Whale Ale = Dead Guy; and so on), this is not a new beer; rather, it is a new label for a readily available Rogue product. The Brutal IPA is actually just the Brutal Bitter, a beer that Rogue had described in the past as an Imperial ESB, but the line is kind of blurry and the beer has also been pegged as an American IPA. It does have 59 IBUs, though I don't know of many American IPAs that use Maris Otter malt. If it is an IPA, it is a single hop version, with Crystal the only hop variety used. At the very least, if you buy the beer with the Brutal IPA label rather than the Brutal Bitter label, you know you are getting the freshest version of whatever style beer it is. $5.99, only at Jubilation so far.

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