Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Second Most Important IPA Challenge

Thanks to Jerrold Baca, I have the dates and places where this year's NM IPA Challenge. You know the one, involving IPAs from most of the breweries all around New Mexico. This is a three-day event, with the first being on Tuesday, July 27 at High Desert in Las Cruces. Thursday the 29th will be hosted by Santa Fe Brewing, and the important one is at Chama River here in Albuquerque on Saturday, July 31. Starting time looks to be at noon. Last time Chama hosted in 2005, they poured the bers on that little patio outside. I don't know what their plan is for this year, but they better be prepared: I really bring the crowds. Sometimes the Bloods, sometimes the Crips, sometimes the Shriners. Last year, Il Vicino took the crown with their Hopgoblin IPL. Brewers tend to bring out their big guns for the challenge, and with Jeff Erway out this year, the field is even more wide open. See you there!

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