Friday, July 16, 2010

Oh, You English are SO Superior!

Little earlier this year, but no less welcome, Stone releases their "Emperial IPA". That is not one of my spelling errors, though I know I have many. I'm a great speller but a horrible typist. The "Empirial" pays homage to the United Kingdom, and probably Princess Diana too, since America loved her so much. The 8.9% ABV beer is made using all English ingredients, except for the water. That comes from Mexico, or something like that. I have heard that Stone used dissolved salts in the water to mimic the great brewing water with high mineral content of Burton-on-Trent. Stone also uses English East Kent Golding, Bodaceia, and Target hops in the beer. I usually don't get excited about English-style IPAs. Left Hand 400 Lb. Monkey, Sea Dog IPA, and Shipyard, among many others, have left me with a not so bitter taste in my mouth. But I tell you, when I had it on tap at Stone last month, it really stood out. That was almost a month ago, of course, and we will see what time and temperature have done. I imagine it is still great, and will be opening one tonight. Stone has kind of become a monolith of the beer scene, so when I hear people talking them up I get annoyed in the way I do when I see a 13-year-old in a Nirvana t-shirt. But they still make some great beers. $6.99 for 22 oz; all the cool stores have it now!

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HopHed said...

Opened mine a couple nights ago. Very tasty.