Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a DIVE That Caters to the Poor Alcoholic in Us All

I don't usually frequent the shops on Harvard Drive near UNM, mostly because I'm scared of the "humanity" lurking around Winning Coffee. Ironic that most of the clientele look as if they haven't been "winning" anything more than the Worst Smell contest.
I did dare a walk down Harvard to check out the bricklight DIVE, a newly opened bar and restaurant that features local draft beers. Not only are almost all of the 20 taps New Mexico beers, but all the 14 oz. drafts are $2.50, a price that even many of the students waiting on mom's next check to come can afford. It may still be too much for the Winning Coffee regulars, but that is why God invented 40s. And students don't have to bring ramen noodles to go along with their beer, as bricklight DIVE has a full menu with no dishes priced over $6.00.

Marble dominates the tap list with five of their varieties. Chama is represented with Class VI and Brown, Sierra Blanca/Rio Grande has a few, even Isotopes Slammin' Amber and Blonde make an appearance. Rounding out the list are Some Santa Fe beers, including the new Imperial Java Stout, and finally PBR and Miller Lite (under the DIVE BREW label). Hey, you've got to make some concessions to the kids whose taste buds haven't evolved yet. Back to that food: healthy sounding salads with ingredients that seem to outweigh the $5.00 price tags start the menu, with pizzas that the friendly and helpful server Amanda tells me are awesome. The pizzas are only $6.00, with choices such as chicken pesto and Italian Sirloin. There are also sandwiches and fancy-topped bruschettas- oh, and wine, if you must. The place has only been open a week so they are still hanging artwork and the like, but for $2.50 drafts the place can be decorated like Subway and I will enjoy the beer there.


Unknown said...

Actually, the Marble Oatmeal Stout is being poured and not the Porter. This is a mistake that the bar made when updating their menu. They've been told about the mistake.

ABQbeergeek said...

that's right; the girl even told me that. Don't know what I was thinking. Fixed.