Monday, January 31, 2011

Marble's Dubbel and Tripel are a Home Run

And if you think my headlines are bad, you should see my tan lines. Ewww. Along more appetizing lines, Marble has filled the void of Belgian-style beers that haven't been well represented here in Albuquerque. I used to think that was because they just didn't sell well here, but Marble has been serving up a lot of their new 111 Abbey Ale (a 7.2% Belgian Dubbel) and Tripel (an 8.7%, well, the name is the style. Tripel.). Good to see that Marble was willing to take the chance on serving up some Belgian styles, and even better to see that locals are appreciating the beers. Of course, Marble still has your hop fixes on tap, including a new sessionable Pale Ale, MPA. "Sessionable beer" basically equates to "I want a beer I can drink a lot of but don't want to throw up.". If that is your mood today, go drink some of this 4.3% beer that still manages to pack hop punch without the high alcohol knockout.

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