Friday, January 21, 2011

Left Coast Introduced To New Mexico

And I don't mean that California finally realizes that New Mexico is a state. Ever read that section in New Mexico Magazine, "One of Our Fifty is Missing" where people send in stories of dealing with hassles with people or companies who think Mew Mexico is another country? The stories always end with some wishy-washy statement like, "I wasn't sure if she ever understood, but I walked away smiling." To heck with that kind of nicety. You gotta go off on stupid morons like that: "Yo idiot! How did you make through school without learning that? It's even on a friggin' quarter!". Anyway, what I am talking about is Left Coast Brewing of San Clemente, CA, whose beers you can now get in the country of New Mexico. Jubilation has five of their varieties, ranging from $4.99-$5.99: Asylum, an 11% ABV Tripel, The Wedge, a 7.2% ABV Black IPA, Voo Doo, a 6.8% Stout, Trestles, a 6% ABV IPA, and their very popular Hop Juice, an 8.5% DIPA. Decent beers priced affordably, costing only 40 New Mexico quarters.

A little more California love comes our way with Coronado's Red Devil Imperial Red. The 9.5% ABV beer comes off as a little less hoppy than what I am used to from an Imperial Red, but then again I have been spoiled by the hop-forward, backward, and all around hoppy Marble Imperial Red. The Red Devil could be more like a hoppy Strong Ale. $5.99 around town. Also, Coronado has released Idiot DIPA in six-packs, retailing for $11.99.

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Andrew said...

one of the idiots i work with here in Kuwait didn't know New Mexico is a state. I said, "new mexico". He replied, "mexico?" I said, "no, NEW Mexico". He paused and said, "but that's part of Mexico, right?" He's the shop moron, so it's entertainment for us. The sad thing is, he's making like 70K/year here.