Tuesday, June 14, 2011

bRgR oPnS iN bRqE

No, I'm not trying to channel my inner teenager with that headline. I'm trying to become more popular- I figure if bRgR, Albuquerque's newest gourmet burger/beer destination (3rd and Central), can quickly gain as many followers as it has then a little wordplay on my part will surely up my hits. But a quirky name doesn't get you far in the restaurant business if you are selling inferior food (unless that name is Lucky Boy...will never understand the popularity of that place). bRgR seems to have found the right combination, with around 20 burger concoctions from various wild and not-so-wildlife. Apart from the beef (NM grown and NM ground!), bRgR is doing lamb, bison, yakity-yak, and kangaroo...it's Australian for beef! Aside from the exotic meats, what makes this place worthy of a writeup is that bRgR has even more beeRs on tap than burgers on the menu- 32 in all. Locals make up most of the taps, with Marble, Sierra Blanca/Rio Grande, Chama River, Abbey, Santa Fe, and Isotopes all represented. There are also taps featuring pours from New Belgium, Ska, Kona, Sierra Nevada, Breckenridge, and Odell. Finally, bRgR has a line of five house beers, with an Amber, Pale Ale, Porter, IPA, and (ugh) Cider. Try them and see if you can tell who brews the beers for bRgR. Also, discuss why bRgR's website photo is of a girl holding a burger and seemingly being smacked on the ass by an imaginary assailant.


endometria said...

She's being kicked by the ghost of a kangaroo

Jeremy said...

Lucky Boy is awesome... You just lost some points in my eyes.

gaberox said...

I had to show 2 credit cards there just cause im from florida and my id has a small piece of tape on it. Gimme a break. Bison burger was great. ABQ tap lists are so redundent though.