Thursday, June 2, 2011

You Know It's a Slow Week...

When all you have to write about beer-wise is this Saturday's Tour de Beer de Burque. The event centers around a bunch of way too happy people riding bikes to five participating breweries (Hallenbrick Brewery, Marble Brewery, Il Vicino Brewery, Nexus Brewery, and La Cumbre Brewery), where they receive discounted pints. There will be "fun" contests at each stop...stuff like hula-hooping. Yeah. The entry fee is $25, or only $20 if you wear a costume. I used to always wear a costume when I rode my bike, but I got tired of my cape getting caught in the chainwheel. If you would like to be a part of this rolling sideshow, you may register at Hallenbrick Brewery on Saturday beginning at 11:45 am. The event is a fundraiser for the AIO (Americans for Indian Opportunity) Ambassador program, though I'm unclear if it is for the entire program or just to send one person on an ambassador mission. Either way, people will be having a good time, getting some exercise, and drinking beer. Can't fault them for that.

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