Friday, August 19, 2011

Presidential Elections Have Nothing On Us

We may not have rigged voting machines, union strongarms intimidating voters, or ballots tossed in dumpsters, but we do have a lack of organization when it comes to responsibility for tallying and posting voting results for this year's NM IPA Challenge. What the NM Brewers Guild needs to realize is the fact that people who pay the $20 to participate in the IPA Challenge are people who are also actively interested in the results of each challenge. With Twitter, Facebook, and certain beer blogs, there is no reason for results not to be almost immediately available. But that has been the case for the second and third stages of the NM IPA Challenge. Calls to host breweries Mimbres Valley and Second Street ranged from having absolutely no clue (Mimbres) to a promise for a return call once the votes were tallied (Second Street- going on four hours now). I feel a certain responsibility to have this kind of info for you, so maybe I dropped the ball by not going to Deming and Second Street personally to report on the events, but I didn't think it would be this hard to get some answers. Our Brewers Guild does a fantastic job of organizing events for us that showcase breweries from around the state all year long, but in this case they needed someone responsible for getting the results out to you. I'm sorry I haven't been able to do it myself.

I do have the cumulative results through Tuesday's Mimbres Valley event but not including Thursday's Second Street event.

Il Vicino- 80
La Cumbre- 50
Marble- 40
Chama River- 32
Blue corn- 14
Tractor- 11
Nexus- 8
Hallenbrick- 8
High Desert- 8
Turtle Mountain- 7
Santa Fe- 4
Mimbres Valley- 4
Second Street- 3
Three Rivers- 2
Sierra Blanca- 1
Eske's- 1


Hunter said...

Send me your email and I'll forward you a picture I took of the second street results. Thanks!

ABQbeergeek said...

Hunter- thanks a lot, but I finally got the results from the Second Street guys. I appreciate the offer though!