Monday, January 9, 2012

Double the Pils at a Reduced Price

How was the first week of the new year for you? Break any resolutions yet? Since I resolved years ago not to resolve anything that would do me any good, I am still in the clear. If you resolved to spend less on beer, good luck. Until they start offering beer at thrift stores, which would actually be kinda cool..."I found a Radio Shack answering machine and a 2006 Left Hand Milk Stout at Goodwill today!". you are better off taking advantage of the deals Kelly Liquors on Wyoming offers on slightly "mature" beers. In today's case, we have Odell Double Pilsner, an 8% ABV seasonal that sold for $9.99 a four-pack when it was released and is now down to $6.99. Not as close to free as I would like, but it can make you feel like you are truly making a difference in the world in 2012 by sticking to those resolutions.

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