Friday, January 6, 2012

My Team Will be at Souper Salad

Football season is over as far as I'm concerned, my team once again having let me down. I shouldn't say they let me down since I never expect much, but there is always that hope, ya know? For some reason I always end up watching the Super Bowl even though I just sit and stew about how my team should be in it and I eat the disgusting fifty-layer dip that someone brought and I get mad at people laughing at the usual happy-go-lucky behavior. I was considering watching the game at Ojos Locos this year in hope that a disgruntled Raiders fan might put me out of my misery, but it looks like there is a Super Bowl party I might actually enjoy: Boar's Nest Brewery is hosting a party in the yet to open brewery space (3300 Princeton Dr NE, Suite N1) beginning at 2 pm on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 5. The full lineup of Boar's Nest beers will be served up alongside barbeque type food (no word on if there will be fifty-layer dip). You can get the full picture of what is going on at Boar's Nest's Facebook page, but owner Victor Gutierrez sent me an addendum addressing some FAQs he has received since posting the event:

"1. While we will be honoring our Founding Members for their support at the Super Bowl event, no donations are required to attend. If you would like to become a Founding Member at the event, you are more than welcome to, but there is no requirement nor expectation to do so. We welcome all ABQ beer fans with open arms and want to enjoy the event with everyone!

2. For our Founding Members that RSVP with the amount of guests that they plan to attend with, we will reserve seats for them and their guests. If you plan to sit with another group of Founding Members, please make a note of it in the RSVP, so we can put you together. All other seating will be first come, first served on the day of the event.

3. RSVP's are not required, but they help us plan out food, beer, chairs, tables, etc. Please take a second to send a quick email to with the amount of people that you plan to attend with.

4. We will be using a ticket system to make beer and food purchases quick and easy. One ticket will equal one beer. Some meals will be 1 ticket, while some will require 2 tickets (i.e. 1/2 rack of baby back ribs). Tickets can be purchased with cash, credit cards, or debit cards. No checks please."

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