Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More Green for More Brown Than Black

There's a new Stone collaboration for you to try, and if the pricing at the Whole Foods on Carlisle is an indicator, expect to pay $4.99 for the 12 oz. release. That's a buck more than the previous releases. That's a $30 six-pack. So is Stone collaborating with Tiffany's or what??
No, this beer was made with brewers from Ninkasi (a very popular Oregon brewery; one that, when you talk about Oregon beer, someone always says, "Oooh! Ninkasi!" much in the way people used to say, "Oooh! Fat Tire!" about Colorado beer way back in the day), and The Alchemist of Waterbury, VT. Both Ninkasi (Tricerahops) and The Alchemist (Heady Topper) know how to brew DIPAs. This beer lies somewhere in that blur between IPAs and DIPAs at 7.4% ABV, but I'll call it an IPA so I don't sound wimpy. Actually, I'd better call it a Black IPA, though the Ninkasi folks would probably call it a Cascadian Dark Ale. The Alchemist would call it...a Ben and Jerry, I don't know. As the name denotes, the beer is more brown than black, and the hops are pronounced. I tried this while in California last month and liked it, though I'm sure I didn't pay near $5 for it. You may want to shell out the money if you are interested in seeing what these three hop-centric breweries created together.

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