Friday, January 13, 2012

New Beer Friday

Not to be confused with the mustard, Van Steenberge Brewery's Gulden Draak is now available here. A member of the highly-populated Belgian Strong Dark Ale club, Gulden Draak is 10.5% ABV and has a label depicting a dragon being gagged with a stick, or so it seems. The 25,4 oz. bottle sells for $11.99, and the beer is also sold in 4-packs of 11.9 oz. bottles for $17.99. Expensive, but European stuff is fancy.

Here's to hoping the beer is as good as the movie: Bridgeport Brewing's Kingpin Double Red Ale hit the shelves this week. An 8.5% beer, the Kingpin boasts of being "Triple Hopped". Hey, that's the same brewing process Miller Lite uses! You surely won't get Munsoned if you buy this beer. Both Kingpin and Gulden Draak are available at Kelly's on Wyoming.

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