Friday, June 29, 2012

Do a Service to our Servers

Hooray. Now that the "Obamacare" ruling is finally over with and people under 26 don't have to get jobs, we can get down to important legislation.
Look, I know there is an old argument about the legal drinking age being 21 yet you can go fight in a stupid war at 18, and I get that, though I sometimes feel like my age is the proper legal age because I act so dignified when I drink. So, while I don't feel like the drinking age should be lowered, I don't think the world ends when someone under the age of 21 has a sip of alcohol. It may get dumber, but the world still turns. However, the law treats selling to underage people as a felony, with the typical asinine rigidity that says selling to someone who is 20 yrs, 364 days old is the same as selling to a 12 year old. It all needs to change.
And the Alcohol Servers Association of New Mexico is trying to do just that, holding a fundraiser July 16 at Stats in Santa Fe to raise money to help get the penalty for serving a minor reduced to a misdemeanor. A previous attempt to pass legislation made it through, only to have it vetoed by Gov. Martinez. After the outcry from citizens, the governor has said she will sign the next attempt, but the ASANM needs the help of you servers out there to keep up the fight. Membership in the ASANM, according to President Annette Lujan, helps in promoting job stability in the service industry. Says Lujan, "Our next fight is to go after SID's tactics. I believe they are harassing and drive away business. Our membership dues to help fight our cause is $10 a month. If you would like to have an attorney option in the event that a member gets sited for some violation by SID or anyone filing suit against them the dues are an additional $10 so for $20 a month the server is protected, and is helping make their industry a better one and one with less fear!"
The party at Stats is open to all certified alcohol servers (and friends), and is $35 per person. The party goes from 6 pm to midnight, with a buffet Asian, Mexican, and BBQ being served. There will be live music from Vanilla Pop and Midlife Crisis, as well as DJs. Prizes galore will be given out, such as casino stays, a flat screen tv, and restaurant gift certificates. The $35 also includes two drinks (gotta be 21 to get that. Otherwise it's a felony.).
Give Annette a call at (505) 467-9073 to purchase tickets or get more info. You can also buy tickets at Stats Sports Bar and Nightlife.
This is not a fight in favor of underage drinking; rather, a fight against the severity of the punishment for unknowingly serving a minor. Save the big guns for things like anti-marijuana legislation. Go after the stoners, always sitting around liking stuff way too much.

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