Friday, June 29, 2012

New Beer Friday

I like collaborations just for the fact that it usually means getting to try something from a brewery not distributed here. Take, for instance, this new Brett Beer from Lost Abbey and New Belgium. Lost Abbey makes some of my favorite sours and bourbon barrel beers (Cuvee De Tomme, Cable Car Kriek, Angel's Share), but we can't get 'em here. And never mind that the beer was brewed at New Belgium, I can pretend we are actually getting Lost Abbey here. And Tomme Arthur, mastermind of Lost Abbey, went to New Belgium for the brewing so he wasn't just phoning it in. The brettanomyces beer is paired with Sorachi ace hops, so this should be an interesting beer indeed. And at only $5.99 (at least at Kelly's on Wyoming), it won't hurt to give this beer a try.

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